Kyou Kara Maou Girlified

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This is a community dedicated to Kyou Kara Maou, though not the exact Kyou Kara Maou we all know and love. This community is dedicated to that world's parallel, in which everyone who was male is now female and everyone who was female is now male.

All fanfiction, fanart and discussion is welcome here as long as they follow these rules:

1. All characters must be shown as and/or thought of as the opposite gender of the canon character. For example, Yuuri must be a girl here.

2. All pairings are welcome.

3. No bashing or flaming is allowed. If you don't like a pairing promoted by another member in a discussion they start, fanfiction they write, or fanart they create, be tolerant at the least.

4. Be courteous in everything you post. Be nice and everyone will be happy.

5. Put long posts, stories, anything that could be considered a post, and fanart behind an lj cut.

6. Place any icons made behind an lj cut. You can have up to three teaser icons outside the cut.

Everyone gets two chances. After that you will be banned from the community for a month. If the person, after having been banned, persists in breaking the rules, after another two chances, they will be permanently banned. If the offense is severe enough, your moderators reserve the right to skip straight to banning the offender.

If you have any need of us, your friendly moderators are:


cheri, conrad, conyuu, conzak, feme conyuu, feme conzak, feme kkm, feme wolfyuu, feme yorad, feme yuucon, feme yuuram, femeconrad, femegunter, femegwendal, fememurata, femeshinou, femewolfram, femeyuuri, greta, gunter, gwendal, kkm, kyou kara maoh, kyou kara maou, malecheri, malegreta, murata, shinou, wolfram, wolfyuu, yorad, yuucon, yuuram, yuuri